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An Assembly Line Project in Huhan City

  •  This project applied the VichGuard Security Fence Solution to one company's food packaging assembly lines in Wuhan city.
  •  This company is a subsidiary of one International incorporated in Mainland China, which is mainly involved in industries such as oilseed crushing, edible oil refining, specialty fats, oleochemicals,  processing of corn, wheat and soybean, sustainable multi-stage processing of rice, food and beverage, grain and oil technology R&D.
  •  In this project, VichGuard Security Fence Solution was used to ensure standardized  and safe management of multiple assembly lines. It not only protect the equipment and operators, but also increase the food safety level. Using security fence for partitioning of assembly line is typical in food packaging industry.



F&P Equipment Partitioning Project

  •  This project applied the VichGuard Security Fence Solution to ensure the safety partitioning of the stacker crane and unpiler.
  •  Nanjing Hengchang Packing Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to design the whole system of liquid packaging line for the manufacture and installation. The company has been successfully provided high quality service delivery system for food and beverage suppliers such as Coca-Cola, Danone Group, Nestle Yinlu, Budweiser Beer, HeineKen Beer, and Haitian Soy Sauce etc.
  •  In this project, VichGuard Security Fence Solution play an important role in the safety protection of the machines and workers. Meanwhile it also help the factory layout to become more organized, which make the food packaging assembly line to be cleaner.